Monday, June 4, 2007

Sitton and shadup! Sitton's NO HO Diner

Late Saturday afternoon I sat around my dingy room and was hit with the pang of realization that I had not eaten anything since 8am. A bowl of off-brand cereal and just barely enough milk to dampen the wheat chex was all I had. I was hungry. It was time to eat. It was “DINER TIME”. That’s right, I used all caps. Feeling like heading to the wrong side of the Hollywood hills, I googled “Burbank, diner”. I found Sitton’s North Hollywood Diner. I mapped it, jotted down the address and headed out.

Located right off the freeway on the edge of a busy stretch of Magnolia Blvd, Sitton’s has something that is very rare in the LA area- ample parking. A “gang” of parking as the youths say. I parked, passed the two life-size waiter statues guarding the door and headed inside.

D├ęcor-wise this place will confuse you the moment you walk in. “This is a diner?” Sure they have the counter right there and the stainless steel counter behind it with the coffee maker and glass case for pie but that is all they have to establish the diner-ness. Otherwise this looks like a bizarre blend of a Shakey’s and an East Coast Italian restaurant. Photographs of dead and dying film stars adorn the walls.

I was greeted, gruffly, by the waitress. “Just one?” I nodded and she made a noncommittal wave which I took to mean sit anywhere. I took a table near the counter and in the direct path of the waitress. In a drive-by wait on she asked what I wanted, “Coke, sprite, diet coke?” For some reason (low blood sugar?) I couldn’t speak clearly but was able to stammer out “Coffee” before she left earshot. She came back momentarily with a cup of coffee. A cute li’l cup of joe, about 4 regular gulps. Luckily my waitress was quick with the refills. She was literally there the moment I put down my empty cup, a bonus of sitting where she HAD to pass my table regularly. The coffee itself was serviceable. A little weak but with a smooth flavor.

I ordered a simple breakfast of two eggs, two pieces of pig, hash browned potatoes and toast. I got my eggs scrambled, the sausage link and an English muffin. I didn’t have to wait long of course, this is a five minute prep meal after all. My eggs were a tad slimy but still tasted good. The sausage links were basic Jimmy Dean. The potatoes were of the boiled potatoes quickly seared on the griddle variety. I prefer that over the crispy crispy spud shavings. The English muffin was ridiculously good. She brought it out already slathered in butter. I spied on the counter a gigantic dish piled high with a mound of butter. I put a little packet of jam on one half of the English muffin. The jam combined with the melted butter into a sweet messy ocean on tip of the cratered surface of the muffin.

Although I warned her that I would be ordering pie, my waitress brought my check halfway through my meal. As she came by to fill my coffee cup again, I ordered a slice of the Chocolate Cream pie. It looked amazing in the glass case behind the counter. I was sorely tempted to order one of the delicious frosted doughnuts they also had back there but I stuck to the pie. The pie looked good but was quite disappointing. Too much cream and not enough chocolate. It was a grocery store pie.

Final notes:
Sitton’s was a perfectly fine experience. The place is open 24 Hours so that must make it a pretty good scene after the valley bars close. They offer patio dining if you are into that. The staff was friendly and clearly has regulars.

Price: $5-$18 (my meal with coffee and pie only ran 10.83)
Food: Decent.
Service: Very Good
Pie: Basic Creams and Fruits.

Neighborhood: North Hollywood
11329 Magnolia Blvd
North Hollywood, CA 91601
(818) 761-3341


jon said...

Congrats on being number 1.

One of these months i'll have to come down so you can introduce me to such pleasures.

DSatan said...

Long live the greasy spoon in all its forms.