Monday, March 22, 2010

Bun n' Burger - Fun n' something that rhymes with "burger"

Bun n' Burger is a place I was really excited to try. It's right in my neighborhood and has a delightfully cute art-deco exterior.

I had read an article about this place in the Alhambra newspaper and the picture that was included only showed the main dining room. It's an all-around classic design with booths lining the storefront windows and an oval counter taking up the middle.

Until my folks and I walked in that morning, I had no idea that there was a full room just out of sight. A room that can only be described as...

...the most-insane-yet-somehow-adorable-dining-room-in-existence. It's like the world's coolest flea market threw up inside.

Not a lot of diners have firearms displayed. I don't even remember seeing one at Revolver, where it wouldn't have been at all out of place.

There's a series of these pictures hanging up on the wall. They have an R. Crumb meets Norman Rockwell quality that I really appreciated.

One of the things Bun n' Burger is well-known for is their menudo soup. It's only available on weekends so that makes it more special. If you haven't had menudo soup, it's a Mexican soup made from a tomato base with hominy and tripe. You can garnish it with onions and cilantro as they have done here. Menudo is my chicken noodle soup when I have a cold. I buy it in giant cans at the ethnic market. This would actually be my first time ordering it at a restaurant. Bun n' Burger's menudo was pretty good, but not spicy enough for me.

My dad ordered the ham, bell pepper and Monterrey jack cheese omelet. It was less omelet and more folded over scramble. It was also delicious. They use honey baked ham in it so it's unexpectedly sweet.
My mom ordered the waffle breakfast. It was a pretty standard waffle. Her eggs were good but the bacon was a little chewy for my taste. It was a good cut, but just needed to be crisped up a bit.

I regret that this is where the food portion of the review turns sour. I did not like my breakfast. Chilaquiles can go wrong. They can be mushy and bland and just outright gross. Sadly, these were the chilaquiles that I had this morning. The potatoes were no better; they were, in fact, worse. They were drenched in peanut oil and were equally mushy and bland. I barely touched them. My eggs were very good, though. They must have been cracked and poured simultaneously into a circular mold to get them to look like that and be cooked evenly.

Bun n' Burger was just so adorable and pleasant that I would go back again just to look at more of the weird stuff they have on the walls. Despite how disappointing my breakfast was, my folks' food was good enough. The staff was friendly and the coffee was good. Overall, it is definitely worth a visit.

Food: Okay* (see below)
Price: $5-$8. Cash only.
Service: Friendly.
Pie: Yes, several.

Bun n' Burger
1000 E. Main Street
Alhambra CA 91801
(626) 281-6777
Take a look at the menu:
*UPDATE 7-14-10: We have since been back to Bun n' Burger a few times now and our food has been either good or great, but oddly, I have yet to try the pie.
A word of warning though-- if you plan on going in the evening definitely call. They seem to be really inconsistent with their hours, which is not a good sign.


alisson said...

i voted for nat's because i like the name. happy birthday :)

Paul said...

The addition of a photo of the menu was a nice touch.

David Allen said...

This could be my new favorite restaurant and until five minutes ago I'd never heard of it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike ... read your review on bun 'n' burger. had to skip their breakfast and had their burger that could have been better and the fries could be a little more "snappier" but overall, like this place while i'm in alhambra although a vietnamese place called super pho is getting more of my attention. love their noodles and grilled chicken bowl.
also, oinksters in eagle rock is another new fav ... just thinking about their house-cured pastrami with fries and a cold beer is making me drool!
it seems you only review diners but on ocassions, i could do a noodle or pastrami breakfast. thanks for your "fun" reviews on these older restaurants. they could use our business in this current state of the economy.