Sunday, March 29, 2009

Foxy's - It's Crystal Clear.

When we first saw the sign for Foxy's, we thought we were in for one heckuva classy dining experience. My God! They promote their crystal chandeliers on the sign! It wasn't until we pulled into the parking lot that we saw that Crystal Chandeliers is the name of the store across from Foxy's.

...I'm just surprised stores like this still exist in today's economy. Right next door is the Faberge Egg Outlet.

Once we entered Foxy's, it seemed that perhaps we still would be in for a classy experience, despite the lack of crystal. The vaulted ceilings and hunting lodge decor was not what I was expecting, but with the name "Foxy's," I guess you are either stripper poles and broken dreams or a hunting lodge vaguely shaped like an old IHOP.

Since it was very crowded that morning, they offered free hot chocolate to anyone willing to sit on the patio. It was still a nip of nippy outside, but we went for it anyway. Free. Hot. Chocolate.

One of those is a coffee, a very weak and burnt coffee. The hot chocolate was pretty good.

The menu was very dense--several pages and featuring a wide variety of dishes, but nothing too outlandish and nothing all that expensive. This combination made it hard to decide. Everything sounded good and the dishes that were paraded by our table on their way to their final destinations looked very appetizing.

I ordered the "Leaning Tower of Mexico," and understandably, I expected more of a tower than a mound. The mound was good, with a layered mix of everything you expect from a Mexican breakfast. I only kind of like avocado so I shunted a large part of the spread off to the side.

#1DC Antoinette ordered the "Light Eater's Breakfast." She inquired as to what kind of fruit would be included with the fruit salad. She was told banana, cantaloupe, etc., etc. When it arrived, no banana or cantaloupe. Why did our waitress feel she had to lie? Maybe she has some banana issues. I don't care to judge. Antoinette's English muffin was cold AND burnt. The eggs, however, were good.

Sadly Foxy's does not offer pie. They had a ton of different cakes and a cobbler, but no pie.

Overall, Foxy's was pretty decent. It is located in Glendale by the Galleria and Americana, so it offers a nice respite from awful mall food. That also means that it will shoulder some spill-over of awful mall clientele. We had to suffer through a party of ten middle-aged 'dudes' enjoying a breakfast while the "ol' balls and chains" did some shopping. Surely it can't always be that bad, but beware.

UPDATE- April 2010
#1DC Antoinette recently went back to Foxy's and got to eat inside. She had the shrimp wrap and I had the chicken salad croissant. The wrap was only okay but I really liked my sandwich. The croissant wasn't too buttery and the chicken salad was pretty good. The french fries were pretty outstanding. One thing that I missed on our initial visit was that they have toasters on the table's inside! No wonder Antoinette's English muffin was burnt when we sat outside--the staff have little experience with having to toast the breads.

Food-Decent to Good.
Service-Decent, except for the banana lie.
Price-Very reasonable.
Pie-No pie.

Foxy's Restaurant
206 W. Colorado St.
Glendale, CA 91204
(818) 246-0244


Anonymous said...

They have a dish called the alamo, which seems to be the Mexican answer to eggs Benedict; and it is amazing! Also, if you sit inside, there's toasters on the tables. They bring you the bread and you toast it up yourself- guaranteed hot toast!

Anonymous said...

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Mike Tanner said...

That last comment might be my most favorite 'anonymous' comment ever. It sort of reads like spam, but sort of not.