Friday, April 10, 2009

Eat-Well. Eat often.

Eat-Well is another staple of the Los Angeles breakfast scene. With two locations (formerly three) in two very disparate parts of the city, it can serve as a readily available morning and lunch spot for just about anyone. I've passed by the West Hollywood location but have never stopped in. (See the Silver Spoons review for reasons why.) I've had plans to go to the one in Glendale ever since moving nearby, but I had not made it there until last Saturday.

My friend Dan, who--let me plug it one more time--wrote the fascinating book, Banana: The Fate of the Fruit that Changed the World, is a big booster of Eat-Well. He says he comes at least once a week because he loves it so much. Dan knows a great deal about the history of the restaurants, like why the Silver Lake location closed a few years ago (technically a franchise that was mismanaged) and how the Brite Spot kiped a lot of its dishes from the original Eat-Well menu.

We went early, sneaking in the back door a little past ten o'clock. By eleven the place really fills up and hungry customers spill out onto the street. We waited a little bit while the staff cleared tables and rung patrons up at the cash register.

While we were seated, I took in the atmosphere at Eat-Well. The large east facing picture window at the front allows the sun to spill into the dining area. That coupled with the high ceilings gives it a very airy and comfortable feeling.

One of the homey perks of Eat-Well is that kindly old Ida, the owner, who is known for her delicious coffee cake, is often found dishing it up for you herself.

No Ida this morning though (probably at the West Hollywood location), but we still got two pieces of coffee cake. I rarely have coffee cake so I can't gauge how good it is in the context of other coffee cakes, but I really liked this. It was nice and spongy.

Dan of course liked his eggs and french toast. He did admit it was a little off that day, and is usually knock your socks off good.

My eggs benedict was very good. My only critique is that it could have used more paprika to give it a 'kick'. Otherwise, the hollandaise was very creamy and not at all oily or fatty tasting. The eggs had a strong flavor and the yolks were nicely runny without seeming completely raw.

The fruit bowl that accompanied my entre was 50/50 . The bananas and pineapple were very good, but the melons were bland and mushy.

Now came dessert. The menu boasted both cake and pie in the dessert section. I asked the waiter what pies they had. He looked at me oddly and said "We don't have pie." I was agape; I was aghast. Could things have turned around so fast? Where was the pie promised in the menu? I brought this to the attention of the waiter. He replied, "I'm kind of new. Let me check." He checked and returned. No pie.

No pie. Ever.

Eat-Well was good, all things considered (pie fiasco and all). I don't think I'd make a weekly habit out of it--I'll let Dan keep this one--though I can recommend it as a safe bet for decent eats.

Price- Decent. Average $7-$9 for most dishes.
Pie-No pie. Menu is a liar!

(818) 243-5928
1013 S. Brand Blvd
Glendale, CA 91204

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Paul said...

If you stare at the eggs benedict photo long enough, it looks like they're moving.