Wednesday, April 15, 2009

On the Road: San Marcos' Mama Kats

I'll tell you a story--a story with pictures and few words.

Mama Kat's likes cats. Mama Kat's doesn't like to be open at night. Or Wednesdays. Is Mama Kat lazy like a cat?

Mama Kat's is located in a strip mall in San Marcos.

Inside, it is very friendly and the lights are extra bright, like stars.

Their apple waffle was very delicious and covered in whipped cream.

Their chicken salad sandwich was very good. The fries were very crispy and not at all greasy.

Their French Toast was very good and the eggs were wet and lumpy like my mom makes. I mean that in a good way.

Their pancakes were tasty and the fruit salad was better than you'd expect.

Their pumpkin pie was slap-you-in-the-face-for-disrespecting-your-mama good! We wanted to take one home. But they were all out. :(

So they baked us one! They baked a pie just for us.

We also took home two slices of other pies.

Their apple pie with oatmeal crust was SO GOOD!

Their cherry pie was SO GOOD! I don't even like cherry pie! Seriously, I have lobbied for the removal of "Cherry Pie" as a pie. This changed my mind.

Mama Kat's was a delicious find. It was homey and lovely and sweet. It was like going to your mom's house for a nice breakfast or lunch.

Food: So good!
Service: Like family.
Price: About $8-11
Pie: They baked us a pie! The pie is top-notch.

950 W San Marcos Blvd
(between Cribbage Ln & Park Pl)
San Marcos, CA 92078
(760) 591-4558

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