Saturday, January 26, 2008

Places I will probably not review but check out their food.

I take pictures at just about every place I go nowadays. A lot of them fall into the "Close to but not quite" review-worthy or "It's been too long since I went there to write a review." I decided not to waste those pictures.

Hot Turkey Sandwich, Bob's Big Boy in Burbank:

Large meal at Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles in Hollywood:

Breakfast Burrito and Hot Turkey Sandwich at the Brite Spot on Sunset:

All delicious meals.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

BC Cafe- Kick Back Jack Attack!

I pulled into the parking lot as the sun was just starting to rise. The timer which controlled the lights in the parking lot had already called it a night and shut off. The parking lot was dark and incredibly creepy. I parked and waited a moment to see if the rain would let up and if some other lights would come on to make the trip from the parking lot around to the front of the restaurant less "murdery." Neither occurred.

Out in the exotic far East of Los Angeles there is a place called the BC Cafe.

Diner? Kind of. It's in the Family Restaurant category. Dinery food just with more space to serve it in.

The place was nearly empty as they had just opened and again I find the crane machine. Like the Hungry Fox, like Dolores', a game of chance is found. I sat at the counter and picked up its sizable menu.

BC Cafe features interesting combinations (someday I'll try the Crispy Shrimp Skillet or the Pot Roast Frittata) and a surprising "Southern Comfort" food section. They are also well-known for their ridiculously huge portions. I heard about something called the Plantation Breakfast but it was nowhere to be found on the menu. I had also been recommended to/warned about their stuffed pancakes and decided to go that route. I also foolishly ordered a side of scrambled eggs.

The menu bragged about their "Giant Buritolle" but when I tried to order one- not really having any idea what it was- I was told they didn't have any and to try a muffin instead. I could see the muffins in a glass display case from where I was, I passed. Even though I saw a delivery truck from "Puritan Bakery" parked out back, the muffins looked exactly like Costco muffins.

BC Cafe has something that not enough restaurants have nowadays; a whimsical cartoon mascot. It's basically down to the Big Boy and BC Cafe's Kick Back Jack. He's a little bit Bugs a little bit Spuds (Mackenzie).

My Strawberry Preserves and Cream Cheese Stuffed Pancakes arrived and I dug right in. It was delicious. Incredibly rich and heavy of course. I made it through the first one and felt like I had just swallowed a 20 pound weight. I soldiered on and ate my eggs and pounded down another pancake.

After that I was done. That sole-surviving pancake was left untouched on the plate. It's true. The portion and flavor is huge!

I soon waddled out of the restaurant and into the morning light.

Not that many weeks later I found myself at the other BC Cafe location. It was now, however, called-

They went for it. "Boom! Let's put the mascot right up there in the name!"

This location was far more Hotel Lobby than the other. Construction was still going on when Antoinette and I went inside. There was no counter to be seen. Just columns and plywood and newly purchased pastel furnishings. And lots of fake plants as well. The walls were classily painted with scenes of Kick Back Jack, the rascally rabbit, doing various sports. Soccer.

Deep sea fishing... which he is apparently new at since he is way underwater and that snorkel isn't doing a damn thing but let in lung crushing water. Way to go Kick Back Jackass!

The menu is basically the same. It is dense and it is impossible to make a snap decision. The menu also features local advertising. The take-out menu even has coupons.

It should be noted that they do not serve apple pie at KBJ or BC Cafe. They do have a ton of different shake flavors and a Basketta Cobbler which is described as a cross between a donut and a scone topped with a choice of various compotes.

The coffee was surprisingly good. Not great though.

We got the Stuffed French Toast (stuffed with boysenberry) and the #1 Country Breakfast, basically biscuits and gravy, an egg and hash browns.

It was all heavy and delicious.

And way too much of it.

Food- Good, with giant portions.
Service- Good.
Price- $7-15
Pie- No.

701 S Indian Hill Blvd.
Claremont CA 91711

Kick Back Jacks
10123 Foothill Blvd.
Rancho Cucamonga CA 91730

Note the hours- 6am to 3pm every day.